Tips to Declutter Before Moving House 

Have you ever heard about the benefits of decluttering during home relocation in India? Are you looking for some good tips to declutter before moving house? If yes, then this blog is for you. Here we have compiled the best tips to help you declutter and make your move easier and smoother. But, before that, we will understand the meaning and importance of decluttering. 

What Decluttering for a Move Means

When moving your home to a new place, you will be packing all the stuff to move them safely and damage-freely to their destination. But, packing the items that no longer serve the purpose in your house is a waste of time and money as well. 

Decluttering helps you to discard all the useless items. You will get rid of all the things that you are not using and are just capturing your space. With this, you can save the time and money that you will spend on packing and transporting these items. Your packers and movers  in Chennai will use fewer moving boxes to pack the items which will eventually take up less space in the truck. And this will reduce the moving cost as well. Thus, it’s imperative to declutter before you relocate. 

What to Get Rid of and Where to Begin?

Now, when you know that decluttering is important and you wanted to do it before you move. But the one thing that can confuse you is what things to get rid of and where to start the process from. Almost every relocator faces the same problem. But, do not worry, we are here for you. 

  • What to get rid of: As we already discussed that before you relocate your home it is important to get rid of useless items. And, these could be anything from old shoes to clothes, home décor to kitchen utensils, newspapers, magazines, toys, furniture, etc. If you think you want to replace a few things with newer ones, then also leave behind the old items. Carrying and bringing them to your new house doesn’t make any sense. 
  • Where to Begin: Start the process from your bedroom. Next, go to the kitchen, living room, and lastly bathroom. If you have a guest room then beginning the process from there will also be beneficial as there’s not a lot of goods to be discarded. And you will quickly complete one room for purging, which will eventually keep you motivated for the job. 

How to Declutter Before Moving 

Here are some best tips to help you plan and prepare for decluttering before moving house:  

Get motivated 

Despite knowing the benefits of decluttering, you may not be able to prepare yourself to start the process. Well, purging your home is equally daunting as packing and moving goods. It will be an emotional and overwhelming process for you if you have done it before. But, you can keep yourself motivated for the process by reminding yourself how beneficial this step is. You can save a lot of money by doing this and start fresh in your new house. 

Allow plenty of time to yourself 

One of the common mistakes while decluttering people mistake is not starting the process early. Sometimes the number of goods we have goes beyond our imagination. But, you will have to go through each stuff to know which to keep and which to discard. And during this, you may linger on memories, which will slow down the process. Also, going through each stuff and categorizing the useful and useless items is time-consuming. According to the size of your house, you can start purging 4 weeks, 6 weeks, or even two-three months before you relocate. This makes the process a whole lot less intense and stressful. 

Take a room-by-room approach 

This will be a systematic way to discard unwanted goods. Although there are many other ways to do it doing it room-by-room is undoubtedly the most sorted way to purge. You can start the process with the guest room as there are not too many goods to discard. Then move on to the washroom where you will get only a few things to eliminate. Also, you do not get emotionally involved in any of the items there. Check the expiry dates of the toiletries, medicines, and make-up and discard them. Since there are only a few items in the washroom, you can declutter it immediately. And once you have done it, you are halfway there already. 

Make a list 

While discarding the items, make a list of the items you want to keep. You will find a few goods that you cannot throw directly. So, you will have to make a list of those items as well that you are giving away to friends or neighbors, donating, and selling. Make a separate list of the goods that you want to keep and the ones you want to discard. This inventory will help you to give complete details to your packers and movers as well. They will estimate the moving cost according to the list of items you will provide them to pack and transport. 

Pack at the same time 

Do not only focus on decluttering but packing as well. The items that you use the least should be packed instantly. This way you will save a lot of time. 

Get your kids involved in the process

If you want to speed up the decluttering process then get your kids involved in the process as well. ask them to go through their belongings and look for old and useless items. They may not want to keep the old books, clothes, toys, and shoes anymore. And they know about their goods more than you so asking them to do it yourself will prevent you from discarding any valuable. 

After discarding all the unwanted goods, you will be left with only the items you want to take to your new house. Give the details to your packers and movers  charges and get price quotes to know how much it will cost you to relocate. Since you have already decluttered, you won’t pay for moving unnecessary items rather you save money. 

In Conclusion 

Decluttering before moving house is very important and has many advantages too. So, get rid of all those items that no longer serve any purpose in your life or house because bringing clutter to your new house doesn’t make any sense. 

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